It’s really healing.
In Jeju Island, where I visited recently,Jeju massage that can relieve your tired bodyI've been there, and it's been healing and lighter.It was very satisfying!​KF masks are now more important than seat belts.I think it's a lifeline!​In strict compliance with personal quarantine,Let's hope there's a little spread!​​ ​Just before we got to the airport, we […]

In Jeju Island, where I visited recently,
Jeju massage that can relieve your tired body
I've been there, and it's been healing and lighter.
It was very satisfying!

KF masks are now more important than seat belts.
I think it's a lifeline!

In strict compliance with personal quarantine,
Let's hope there's a little spread!

Just before we got to the airport, we had a massage on Jeju Island.
I made a reservation and visited to receive it.

This was on the Aewol Coast Road.
Easy to see a large detached building from a distance
I was able to find it, but there was a large parking lot right in front of me.
There was, so I just pulled over and went up right away.

From the look of the whole thing, it's just a nice vibe.
It felt like a cafe. In fact, in Jeju Island,
There's a lot of shops like this, but they're usually downtown.
It's located in a normal building.
It's a quiet place near the beach.
I was just in a good mood since I arrived.

I saw the building and I was like, "Oh, good to see you!"
You know how it feels, right?

I'm going inside.
Slippers are as clean as new.
It was neat and tidy.

In fact, in places like this, hygiene…
It's the most nerve-wracking thing.
I think it was good from my first impression.

First of all, I'm gonna sit here, have some welcome tea.
I listened to the explanation calmly.

Drinking buckwheat tea before getting a massage on Jeju Island.
It's to moisturize our bodies in advance.
It's better to warm up.
I did.

And every inch of it had an extraordinary atmosphere.
Properly placed in a large space
Various props were well matched.

I was wondering what kind of massage I'd get from Jeju Island.
There's a variety of parts, time, etc.
I thought we could choose according to our own situation.

And yet, I can't decide, and I'm telling you,
Ask me where I'm uncomfortable or where I'm stuck.
Kindly explain it to me. Just the right one.
He recommended it!

Plus, there was a massage for couples.

Jeju Island is a place where lovers visit a lot.
It's a package of my beloved self.
Thai telegraph management, and this is dry.
I love you more. The package.
It's going to be an aroma!

And Aewol Therapy.
Another reason is for pregnant women.
There is also therapy in place.

My acquaintances around me told me that I was on a prenatal trip.
There are a lot of cases where I go to Jeju Island.
I really wanted to tell you when I get back.

I loved the management, but the overall atmosphere.
I thought it would give comfort to pregnant women.

Not only that, but there was therapy for the kid.

Couples, pregnant women, families with children.
Enough to accommodate everything.
Aewol Therapy is professional and large.
I was doing a massage on Jeju Island.

And then we'll go up the stairs, and we'll get real.
We're getting ready to be administered!

There was a dressing room for women and men!

You go inside, you see a neat interior.
It was obvious that he was paying a lot of attention.

I didn't see a speck of dust.
Change into what's ready.
I've got the belongings I've brought.
If you put it in a cabinet and store it.
We're really ready.

Maybe it's a cabinet, aromas, ties, etc.
It was written in detail.

That's a very sensible thing to do.
If you don't get massage from Jeju Island very often,
It's a confusing part…

And it's this simple.
I had supplies ready.

It's uncomfortable because there's just about everything.
You need to carry it around.
I didn't think so. After the massage.
I thought I could take a shower.

And then the first place I was guided to was…
It's not a sink, it's a place where you get a foot bath.

In warm water with aroma salts.
I'm dipping my feet.
A deep sigh came out.
The frustrating things inside.
It felt like I was going down.

I'm… I'm warming up.
I'm getting sleepy.

A peek over the door.
This is the maintenance office.

Double room, triple room for visitors.
There's a variety of things prepared.
Lovers and families together in one place.
It had the advantage of being comfortable.

And the Jeju massage Aewol Therapy room is like this.
It was supposed to be a big barrel.

It's obviously blocked everywhere.
Doesn't it look much better than the room?

So far, this is the kind of place we've been taking care of.
It's a little dark, calm yellow space where you can sleep.
I thought of it first, and I'd like to know where you're standing.
It was really charming.

The room I went into was number three.
Do you call it a doorplate?

Even this feels like Jeju Island.

There are cute points everywhere.
It wasn't 강남수안보안마 boring either.

There were three people in my party.
So I was shown to a triple room.
Warm yet soft towel
It feels good when you touch it.
It doesn't smell too dry.
It's neat and hygienic.
It's basic to be relieved.

I'm going to do a Jeju massage at Aewol Therapy.
The room I received was Ocean View with a view of the sea.
It's a hole, and it's healing.

After that, you'll be ready to take care of yourself.
I could use the shower room.

It's not narrow inside, it's clean.
It was a very pleasant finish.

In the meantime, when I come to Jeju Island, I'm busy here and there.
I've been busy walking around, but this time,
It was very meaningful to me and my friends.

It's a significant contribution to that meaning.
It was Jeju Aewol Therapy.

I hope you get the same healing energy as me.
Try to recharge your energy.
I strongly recommend it!

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