It also helps with body fat burning.
I've been vaccinated against Corona lately.The number of confirmed cases is on the rise.I'm a little nervous.I know I'll be in order later.Corona vaccines are a little scary.I've heard from people around me.​When people around the world get all the vaccines,Can we go back to the old days?I hope so!​After today's work,Before going to Sinchon […]

I've been vaccinated against Corona lately.
The number of confirmed cases is on the rise.
I'm a little nervous.
I know I'll be in order later.
Corona vaccines are a little scary.
I've heard from people around me.

When people around the world get all the vaccines,
Can we go back to the old days?
I hope so!

After today's work,
Before going to Sinchon Jitsu Stamp
Let's have a quick dinner near the schoolhouse.
I went to the stamp with a cup of Americano.
If you drink americano when you exercise,
I think I work out better.
Is it caffeine?!
It also helps with body fat burning.
So coffee is also good for dieting.

Fortunately, I still can't sleep because of caffeine, so I drink two or three iced americano a day.

The jiujitsu movement technology I learned this week is…
It's a guard pass.

Guardpaths are not a problem.
It's literally a guard pass to pierce the opponent's defense in order to gain an advantage in a situation where the other person is defending against me.

It's a pose that comes out a lot when you compete in jiu jitsu.

Push my leg into one of the guards.
Hold the collar with the other hand and keep it from touching my body.

Grab the collar while digging the other leg the same way.
Put my knee on the ground while sending one of the other's legs to the ground.

Cover the other person's neck with your arms and bring the other leg over.

The other person is trying to escape.
When you lift the leg,

Hug the raised leg with your arms and pull on the opposite 주짓수 side of the lapel.

While putting weight on the arm holding the collar, the other hand holds the other person's waist. You can go to the side position while walking to the side.

It's a weight-bearing pass.
It's also called a compression pass.

a practice session
Everyone's practicing technology to learn hard.
Sparring training time after technical training time!
There's also a video of Dalian!
The good thing about jiujitsu is that it's not easy.
I have a sense of accomplishment.
as one loses weight
My muscles are sticking all over my body!
And it makes you healthy.

Come and have some fun jujitsu.
You can try Jiujitsu for free.
Contact us with the stamp and make a reservation!

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