The place I find when I need refresh is Gunma
I'm getting older.And accordingly, for me,Take a break.He's taking care of his health.This is the kind of investment that I have for myself.Maybe it's because it's a little less.I began to suffer from all kinds of pain and discomfort.But in the past,Every time I do this, I go on a trip.I used to refresh myself.I […]

I'm getting older.

And accordingly, for me,

Take a break.

He's taking care of his health.

This is the kind of investment that I have for myself.

Maybe it's because it's a little less.

I began to suffer from all kinds of pain and discomfort.

But in the past,

Every time I do this, I go on a trip.

I used to refresh myself.

I don't think so.

We don't have much time.

I'm even giving up my trip.

Even if I try to lie down and relax,

It's hard to lie down because my back is stiff.

That's why you're sitting there.

It's not comfortable at all right?

I thought I couldn't live like this.

I'm starting to look for ways.

I was thinking about getting physical therapy.

I don't even have a good time zone.

It's too expensive.

It was a bit burdensome.

But it just happened that a friend of mine was very good.

For recommending Incheon Bupyeong Massage.

I made a reservation to use it.

At first, I started with home care services.

I was going to use it.

Home Care Services goes directly to the shop.

I'm not getting a massage.

Where you want to be, the janitor.

in the manner of your visit

Because it's operational.

For those of you who are busy and don't have time to go to the shop,

It's a really comfortable service.

But when I set the reservation date again,

I'm just gonna go to the shop and get it.

I made up my mind.

And I'm going to visit with my friend.

I have a reservation.

You can visit him in person and get a massage.

It's available 24 hours a day, so we're very, very...

I visited at a late hour.

I went home after work.

I'm trying to make myself comfortable.

It's definitely getting late.

It is a massage for women in Bupyeong, Incheon.

because it's famous

Snowman is 100% booked.

It's in operation.

Through Internet cafes,

Booking information or other guidance

They say you can get it's

Next time I use it,

Check it out through the cafe.

I'd like to make a reservation.

Of course, if you make a reservation, you'll be able to make it.

It's assigned to the massage manager.

popular people or time zones. The time zone.

in the event of popularity

You need to get in touch with him in advance.

They say you can get whatever you want.

It would be good to keep that in mind.

Fortunately, we don't want to.

I'll take the supervisor's shoulder assignment.

The time zone is just fine.

I could use it.

Me and my friend.

When I travel abroad, I often get a massage.

I'm on the receiving end.

My friend is in the country.

He's a big fan of massage parlors.

Unless it's a professional massage,

I can tell right away.

And I know that it's less refreshing.

But when I got it from the Snowman,

We were both surprised because it was so cool.

I'm going to get an aroma massage.

My friend had a Swedish massage.

I've decided to pick up the phone calls.

And if you visit on time,

Except for most of the shop staff.

No one is here and it's very quiet.

I really like this part.

Even if it's a reservation system, it's like a waiting room.

When the crowd is crowded, uh, crowd,

It's all over the place.

Only those who receive care at that time

It's a system.

with the others

I didn't want to bump into him.

It's just for us.

I think I was able to get drunk.

It's a famous place for massage, so it's like this.

Premium Massage

It's a service.

I was thinking,

Interior interior design, hygiene management,

And massage skills.

There's nothing to be flawed about it.

Honestly, I'm gonna give you a proper massage.

To receive it, you can're going to have to get it.

If there's anything that's not good,

I'm not coming back to visit you again, and as soon as I get out,

I made a 건마 reservation again.

I think I liked all the elements.

And the charm of massage,

After the massage,

I took a shower.

As soon as I got home and sat on the couch,

to the point of falling asleep

The feeling of being released all over the body

I'm afraid not.

The massage I got this time...

Maybe it's because I was so good.

after a long time

You don't even know I'm asleep.

As soon as I sat down, I fell asleep and woke up.

I don't have a sore shoulder or a sore throat.

When I woke up, I felt light all over.

Even if you wake up for a second,

My face and body are swollen.

It was a routine.

After the massage,

Even if you wake up in such a good sleep,

I don't feel like I'm bloated.

I slept again, and I woke up.

Sometimes I feel more tired.

without such a thing

It's like you just woke up in a really good sleep.

I could feel it.

When I woke up, I realized that my skin color

It's a lot more like it's not.

It was white.

It's supposed to be this white.

How much toxins have accumulated in the meantime,

I wonder if it was such a dull skin.

It made me want to.

all of a sudden like me

You don't look so good.

I'm not feeling well.

For those who easily accumulate fatigue,

You know, if you take a massage regularly,

I'm going to take care of all the waste that's accumulated in my body.

Empty it out and take care of your health.

I think you can try it.

It's available 24 hours.

And for those of you who can't make time,

It's a good place to use.

Especially pelvic and lymphatic.

And bad posture.

I feel like I'm getting right.

I only got it once.

Sit down and stand up, and the pelvic bone that hurt.

without any pain

It was very comfortable.

That's why I'm asking my co-workers

I'm recommending a lot.

The pelvis is the waist and the legs.

It's a direct connection, so it's crooked.

so as not to cause

It's really good if you take care of it in advance.

And my favorite.

undergoing an aroma massage

It's so nice.

Aromamassage is the best.

Oil selection and aroma are very important.

It smells really good.

Oil is also high quality oil.

They used it.

It smells good and bad.

It's a problem, but it just smells good.

It's a nice, luxurious scent.

I'm sure you all know something else.

Snowman's oil.

It's definitely a better oil.

I had an idea.

And even though my skin is dry,


After the massage,

You don't have to use body lotion.

I'm keeping my whole body moisturized.

Of course, before it gets dry again,

I need to get a massage.

I know it's possible to maintain it.

That's enough for a massage.

Even if it's the best service,

I don't think it's an exaggeration.

And it's a famous massage for women-only massage.

The characteristics of Snowman

The male administrators have taken care of him.

They'll do it for us.

The men's management staff

I was just giving her a massage.

The massage pressure is much stronger.

The circulation effect can double.

I'm going to have a cooler massage.

I prefer it.

I really liked this characteristic.

I'm used to massaging.

Getting a massage with strong acupressure.

For those of you who like it,

I'd like to recommend it as a really good choice.

Even for the first time,

I think it's easy to get.

I've got a friend of mine.

A Swedish massage, too.

suitable for the first time

It's one of those massages.

It's very cool.

It's a lot of muscle pain relief.

They say it's effective.

Fatigue and stress.

stacked up in one's body

before he became completely ill.

I don't know how to take care of my body.

Even with a massage.

If you could do a little bit by bit.

I want to stay much healthier.

Refreshing with bright energy

You'll be able to try it.

If you're tired of your daily routine,

For those of you who have a lot of course,

Healing map with exclusive massage for women

If you think about it,

I think it'll be good

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